NLP Practitioner Certification course

Why NLP?

Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) is the science of modeling the patterns of human behavior. NLP explores the inner workings of the human mind: how we think, how we develop our desires, goals and fears and how we motivate ourselves, make connections, and give meaning to our experiences. It is the art and science of personal excellence, derived from studying how top people in different fields obtain their outstanding results.

NLP’s core idea is that an individual’s thoughts, gestures and words interact to create one’s perception of the world (called maps of reality). By changing one’s outlook, therefore, a person can change his attitudes and actions, hence, the results. In short, NLP provides us with a way of understanding not only ourselves, but other people too, and learning to communicate with them in the most appropriate and effective way possible.

It is about training your mind to experience the wonders, not focus on the problems. It’s about learning to let go of things which have held us back, and live the life we want to live, however that may be. It’s about getting our outcomes… it’s not a theory; it’s about finding out what works….and achieving the results. When you learn NLP, you learn specific skills and patterns necessary to make positive changes, create new choices, be more effective with others, break free of old habits, self-destructive patterns and behaviours, and think more clearly about what it is you want and how to get it. As you study NLP, you will begin to discover that NLP enables you to create and change your life the way you want by providing more flexibility and wide range of choices in your life. It gives you a process to achieve your desired outcomes also provides an understanding of others actions and how to influence others.


What will you learn from this program?

This highly practical and fast-paced five-day program will offer you the opportunity to discover how NLP can help you utilize simple and powerful strategies and techniques to achieve peak performance. The content will include:

· The background and history of NLP

· The Four Pillars of Success – four principles that will bring success in any area of business

· Communication Excellence – how we create our perspective on the world and how that can help or hinder getting things done

· Hypnotic language patterns – understanding the power of language in influencing the thoughts and actions of others

· Understanding the power of effective questioning

· Building highly effective relationships by harnessing verbal AND non-verbal communication

· The Psychology of Leadership – how understanding peoples mental processes can help you achieve outstanding results

· Managing your hot buttons – understanding, managing and controlling your emotional responses and managing those of others

· Managing and removing conflict in relationships

· Shifting perspectives – resolving issues through increased perspective

· Planning in hindsight – a totally new and innovative method for planning

· Personal action planning – because nothing changes if nothing changes

· Learn to set and achieve compelling goals through the use of well formed outcomes

· Increase personal certainty and conviction – uncover your values and beliefs

· Recognise the values and beliefs of those you work with to enable better communication and the ability to motivate and inspire them

· Discover techniques to self-lead, be resourceful and manage yourself better

· Eliminate limiting self-talk and beliefs and reduce stress levels for a more fulfilling life

· Build rapport & develop quality relationships to influence, negotiate and resolve conflict easily

· Enhance performance and confidence at meetings and presentations

· Motivate & empower others

· Change the unwanted behaviours and habits in yourself and others in positive ways

· Discover how high achievers attain excellence and how to replicate their success


The Pillars of NLP: what it is and what it does?

· Beliefs of excellence that will change the way you experience and interact with those around you

· A simple model of communication that will enable you to always get your message across with friends, colleagues & associates

· Understanding yourself and others better

Well-Formed Outcomes: achieving the results you want

· How to set goals – both personal & business – so that you can achieve them and live the life you want & deserve

· Ask clear questions that guide and enable others to get clear about their objectives

Rapport: unlock the door to persuasion and influence

· Quickly get on someone’s wavelength

· Discover the real secrets to body language by match and mirroring physiology so that people unconsciously identify with you

· Improved negotiation skills whether you are in business or communicating with your children

Language Patterns

· Learn to recognize and use powerful language patterns

· Ask questions that get you the information you need and to get to the root of the problem

· Learn to predict behaviour based on another person’s language and influence behaviour based on the language you use

Representational systems: how we use our 5 senses

· Discover how we see, hear, and feel the world

· Read another’s eye movements to discover how they are thinking

Sub-modalities: changing the way you think!

· Use sub modalities to quickly change unwanted feelings and behaviours

· Use a SWISH pattern to quickly break unwanted habits

· Learn techniques to remove unwanted behaviours quickly – biting nails, smoking, eating too much chocolate……

Anchoring: the power of choosing your state

· Learn the secret of how to instantly feel happy, excited, motivated, energized

· Discover how to remove bad feelings from past experiences and tap into positive feelings

· Create powerful chains of resources to get people out of ‘stuck’ states like procrastination and move towards motivation

· Remove unwanted feelings such as fear of presentations

· Learn the secrets of how to instantly feel happy, excited, motivated, energized

Strategies: The unconscious processes we use to create our behaviour

· Discover and utilize someone’s decision-making strategy

· Change your less useful strategies for more useful ones

In short, you will take away skills that you can immediately put to great use in:

· Communicating clearly and effectively

· Building achievement focused relationships

· Motivating and inspiring individuals and teams

· Influencing and negotiating

· Planning and problem solving

· Presenting, proposing and selling

· Managing your mind set from day to day


How Will The Program Be Delivered?

Since it’s an accelerated certification, a set of specially designed audio CDs, DVD and a recommended reading list is provided prior to attending the program which is very much essential completion of certification. So even before you attend the training, you will be familiar with the material presented. Since NLP is learned through experience, the hands on face-to-face component of the program are intensely practical in its style.

In the Training group, you will see live demonstrations of NLP techniques and be able to ask questions and understand the principles that underpin the techniques. The aim of the program is to apply the NLP skills and thinking to everyday situations, such as meetings, coaching, presentations, negotiations, self and team management. The style of the program is informal, highly interactive, and FUN!!!

 The purpose of NLP is to be useful, to increase the choices you have and to enhance the quality of your life, by acting and experimenting, not by thinking about it. It is what you need to achieve your dreams and be successful. It’s about getting our outcomes… it’s not a theory; it’s about finding out what works…. and achieving the results!