What is Inner Sound

Sound, in general, is the most apparent medium to calm the mind. Therefore, at times the inner bliss is experienced upon listening to music. This type of music is generated through some external source like a stringed instrument or an electronic device or through the vocal cords of a living being. Sounds created by external sources can be perceived by the mind via physical ears. For example, the moment we hear a bark, we can easily identify the source of sound i.e. it’s from a dog. Similarly, whenever we listen to a music track, we would come to know which singer performs. However, there is an ‘Inner’ sound; in fact, as if, not exactly a sound, which is said to be coming from nowhere; i.e., without a source, the one which has no origin or source and has no limit to be ceased as well. Since the evolution of human world, many great Saints and Sages narrated of listening to this mysterious sound during their ample Silence of meditation. Several Holy Scriptures, have spoken of it by various names like Aum, Hu, Word, Shabd, Tao’s Hum, Amrit, Anahad, Nada and the list goes on and on. Many of the spiritual texts have described it too by using analogous stories and musical poetry. In recent time, a large volume of scientific study is also being carried out about this and in the years to come, science perhaps would also arrive at this all-pervading Sound Current. Inner Sound here simply implies a sound that is coming from within. To listen this, the practitioner withdraws his/her attention from all of the external sounds in the sensory plane and focuses deeply on the sound coming from within. In order to contact the Inner Sound, the practitioners usually plug their ears with their thumb or some kind of stop-cocking instrument like rubber earplugs, earphones, cotton buds etc.

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