VIMOKSHA FOUNDATION is an initiative that seeks to enhance the quality of modern-day living with practices developed through scientific and spiritual insights. As an Organization we share a passion for enhancing experience of life through the pragmatic application of meta-physical, behavioral and mythological learning.


We enable individuals to lead more fulfilled lives in all domains of existence. We enable individuals and organizations practically imbibe spiritual wisdom into their present lives and to manifest their highest potential. VIMOKSHA is committed to enable individuals lead purposeful and passionate lives.  We offer services around  multiple practices.


The mission of VIMOKSHA FOUNDATION is to distill the essence of meta-physical knowledge and Vedic literature into pragmatic practices and share it with those seeking a higher life.


Vimoksha foundation understands that we are all guided by our subjective perception and subconscious cravings, through which we create our own individual realities. When we are able to align our inner worlds with the principles of nature, we can enrich our lives with peace, wealth and love. We help individuals to make that alignment.

” Nothing in life is a problem –   everything is a possibility. “
” Your hands may do the work but your mind can remain still. You are that which never moves. “
” The real question is not whether life exists after death. The real question is whether you are alive before death.”

Guru and God both appear to me. To whom should I prostrate ? I bow before Guru who introduced God to me.
~ kabir